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Bre's Kids Boutique


Our Story

Bre's Kid's Boutique is run and operated by Breanna Jardine.  I am a young boy mama who also works a full time job, and am working towards my Bachelor's degree. I have always wanted to start my own business, and I find affordable children's clothing are hard to find. I finally made the decision to go all in when I was offered an opportunity to become a Pete + Lucy retailer, with the support from family. I also find that it is quite difficult to find adorable kid's clothing. My goal with this boutique is to offer our customers affordable clothing for both girls and boys. We opened November of 2021 and have been growing since. We have recently moved from Nebraska to Lubbock, TX at the end of 2022. We offer affordable kids clothing ($30 or less!!) ranging in sizes 3M - 10/12, and occasionally bigger sizes. We carry Pete + Lucy and several other brands to help you find something for your little one. My husband Randy Jardine also helps run the boutique. Thanks for taking the time to look at our boutique. 


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